About Us

Hi! I’m Richard, co-founder of Little Brixton here to tell you what makes Little Brixton the best place to buy your Jamaican Jerk sauce, seasoning and marinade. Much like Jamaican culture, we’re open and endearing, and want you to know just what you are buying – but who you are buying from.

Like many businesses, Little Brixton is a labour of love. Formed by a husband and wife who are desperate to bring back the taste of childhood from back in London, Little Brixton is all about finding a space in Australia’ multi-cultural cities and neighbourhoods for a bit of Caribbean culture. However, arriving in Australia, this was never the aim: instead, like many great things in life, Little Brixton came to be by way of coincidence. How did we come to create one of the most beloved takes on the famous Jamaican Jerk food blend, then?

Little Brixton was founded in 2012 by me, Richard, and my beautiful wife, Sechelle. We emigrated to Melbourne from London in September 2011. One Friday night, I fancied some classic Jamaican jerk chicken. So, thinking I’ll be able to pop down to my local supermarket and pick up some Jerk marinade, what I thought would be a 30-minute round trip to the supermarket turned into a few hours scouring shops. Aisle after aisle was checked…with no success. To my shock, it seemed like the people of Australia were oblivious to the wonders of authentic jerk marinade and all that comes with it!

With no Jerk marinade or sauce in hand, I decided to set about the task of making my own. On the fourth occasion of trying I got it right, we had a friend of ours over from the UK who tried some of the Jerk marinade on Pork. Her recommendation, along with some of our friends who had run cafes and restaurants, was that we should bottle it up and sell it.

So that’s what we did! We formed Little Brixton in 2012 to help serve Australians the finest food blend the Caribbean has ever created!

Little Brixton is connected to my family, mainly my parents and their Jamaican heritage and the parties we used to have when I was growing up. Little Brixton is set in a time during the 60’s and 70’s where life was all about fun, love, laughter and good food!

Our aim was to capture that youthful exuberance and loving charm in every bottle that we made, and every gram of Jerk Marinade, Seasoning or Sauce that we made.

Each marinade or sauce has a story, which is connected to a place where my parents met Brixton, South London. From Hayter Road to Coldharbour Lane there is a reason each product came into being. The landmarks are real and the stories are based at a time where the West Indian community was establishing itself in Brixton.

So, if you want to bring a little bit of Jamaican heritage and culture to you, via Brixton and to Australia, then you are in the right place to start. We serve all across Australia, so if you are interested in finally finding out why traditional Jamaican Jerk seasoning is some of the most popular in the Caribbean, you can try our fine blend of Jerk dishes and find out for yourself!

So, a Little bit of Brixton is here now and we are so excited to bring you our traditional and fusion sauces giving you a bit of that Jamaican flavour in a jar!

The Little Brixton Family