Little Brixton Rum and BBQ Sauce

Rum and BBQ Sauce

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What is Rum BBQ Sauce?

Real Rum mixed with a smoky BBQ flavour and a hint of that Jamaican Jerk heat at the end! Lots of rich flavour and is great as a marinade or dipping sauce.

What can I use it for?

Little Brixton Rum BBQ Sauce is great as a sauce on steak, burgers or even vegetables. Alternatively use it as a marinade to make pulled pork, sticky wings, or as a sweet sticky sauce on ribs

What is the Rum BBQ Sauce story?

August 1969 Atlantic Road, a crisp autumn evening coming out of one of the arches, rum in one hand and all- spice in the other, just in time to marinade the ribs and a dip for the chips!