• Little Brixton Sticky Rum and BBQ Ribs

    Sticky Rum and BBQ Pork ribs... It couldn't be any simpler to make ribs that make everyone lick their fingers and coming back for more!
  • Quick, Easy and Tasty Little Brixton Jerk Chicken

    A quick and simple way to make tasty Jerk Chicken!
  • Little Brixton Tofu and Pineapple with Jerk Seasoning and Rum and BBQ Sauce

    A delicious vegetarian recipe using Little Brixton Jerk Rub, Rum & BBQ Sauce on Pineapple and Tofu. Quick, simple and tasty!
  • Jerk chicken kebabs

    A super healthy and tasty Jerk chicken kebab recipe!
  • Jerk marinaded steak and fries with broccolini salad

    A quick tasty and juicy dinner accompanied by shoestring fries and a refreshing broccolini salad. 
  • Hot Jamaican Fried Chicken (JFC)

    If you like your fried chicken with a bit more heat and spice then this is the recipe for you. 
  • Authentic Jamaican Beef Patties

    An amazing beef patty recipe using Little Brixton Jerk Marinade!
  • Jerk Chicken Burger

    Little Brixton Jerk Chicken Burger spiced up with Little Brixton Jerk Mustard slaw
  • Jerk Mussels

    Jerk Mussels another way to use your Little Brixton Jerk Marinade. Create a tasty meal using a few ingredients.
  • Jamaican BBQ Pork Ribs

    Create sticky Rum BBQ Ribs using Little Brixton’s Rum & BBQ Sauce. 
  • Jerk Chicken Salad

    Bacon, chicken, avocado – what’s not to love in this fresh jerk chicken salad?
  • Rum BBQ Beef Burger

    Try this combination of the much loved traditional cheese burger given a new lease on life with our mix of Little Brixton Jerk Mustard and Rum BBQ sauce.