Jerk Mustard / Jerk Marinade
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Jerk Marinade Australia


Jerk Marinade in Australia

Little Brixton was founded in 2012 by Richard and Sechelle, we emigrated to Melbourne from London in September 2011. One Friday night I fancied some jerk chicken, so thinking i’ll be able to pop down to my local supermarket and pick up some marinade, what I thought was a 30 minute round trip to the supermarket turned into a few hours scouring shops. With no Jerk marinade or sauce in hand I decided to set about the task of making my own. On the fourth occasion of trying I got it right, we had a friend of ours over from the UK who tried some of the jerk marinade on Pork. Her recommendation along with some of our friends who had run cafes and restaurants was that we should bottle it up and sell it. So that’s what we did.

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