Jerk Chicken Burger

Little Brixton Jerk Chicken Burger spiced up with Little Brixton Jerk Mustard slaw

4 Chicken breast fillets
4 Milk or Brioche Burger Buns
150g Little Brixton Jerk marinade
1 Head of Cabbage
2 Carrots
1/2 Spanish onion
1/2 a cup of Mayonnaise

Marinade Chicken fillets for 3-6 hours
Shred the cabbage and carrot and finely chop the Spanish onion
Add the mayonnaise and mix through thoroughly

The marinaded fillets can be cooked on a BBQ or in a pan.
If you are using a charcoal BBQ you can use some apple wood for smoking also.
BBQ the chicken until the middle is cooked through
Cut the buns in half and warm them up in a pan or on a BBQ
Add the Jerk Mustard to the bottom bun
Add the coleslaw on top of the mustard
Cut a fillet into strips and place on top of the coleslaw
Add the top bun

You now have a Little Brixton Jerk Chicken Burger. Enjoy with a nice cool drink!