Little Brixton Jerk Marinade


Are you looking to add an extra touch of energy to your cooking? Then use our Jerk Marinade!
This jar of goodness and richness will give any meal that you intend to cook multiple new layers of fulsome flavor. With thirteen unique ingredients used, this natural marinade is sure to hit the spot. It’s perfect for any kind of meat; beef, fish, chicken, pork, steak, turkey … you name it; it’ll taste exceptional in this Jerk Marinade!
Jerk is one of the most powerful and popular forms of cooking styles in Jamaican culture. It’s very powerful and aromatic, with a rich blend of spices and chillis put together with a mixture of other ingredients. If you want to bring a spot of Jamaican-inspired cooking into your kitchen, our Jerk Marinade does the work for you.
At Little Brixton, we want every single product that we produce to deliver a richness and flavor that simply would not be possible without. This combines a multitude of ingredients to do just that. All-spice, lime, habanero chillis, the freshest spring onion and thyme make up just a handful of the thirteen ingredients used to make this perfect. It’s a spectacular choice for all manner of dishes, from pies to curries.
You could easily create a whopping vegetable-based dish, too, if you are not someone who eats meat. This Jerk Marinade from Little Brixton has many uses – with each one aimed at making your mouth sizzle and your taste buds smile!
From sweet potato jerk curries to Jerk jackfruit dishes, you’ll find it super-simple to make a dish that makes your mouth sing. With an addictive blend of tastes all mixed together, this creates a truly heavenly mixture to cook all meat and vegetables exactly as you would have intended.
• 250g of thirteen ingredient goodness; a fantastic blend to make something truly special!
• An exceptional quality of dish that makes it very easy for you to enjoy your meals.
• Suitable for both and/or vegetable based dishes – make whatever you wish with this blend!
• The ideal Jerk Marinade for BBQs, themed events and cultural celebrations of Caribbean living.

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